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water is life is a no-profit initiative organized by Lions Club Monteceneri to fund projects aimed at providing access to water in areas of the world which are lacking.
Water shortages still affect too many areas of the world leaving millions of people, especially children, in absolute poverty.
The lack of water and/or clear drinkable water is one of the main reasons of child mortality.

Since 2003 water is life has been helping thousands of people in faraway countries by financing water wells, pumps, filters and pipes, fountains, and irrigation systems.

water is life…

the water that makes the difference


The water water is life flows from the very pure San Clemente’s spring at the foot of Mount Tamaro: it is the lightest water in Switzerland and one of the best in Europe.
The water has a low content of minerals and it is perfect for everyday use as well as for sodium-poor diets.
The water has a natural smooth, does not alter the taste of food and can be combined with every type of dish and wine.

It comes in two different package sizes: 1 Litre and ½ Litre and it’s available both still and pleasantly sparkling (with an addition of carbonation).


water is life (San Clemente) is the only natural mineral water of Ticino and it is directly packaged in the Tamaro Drinks SA factory in Sigirino, municipality of Monteceneri. 100% per cent Ticino.

water is life…

drink local water and quench world thirst


Lions Club Monteceneri is very proud to introduce all the construction carried out with the funds raised from its activity water is life.

Thanks to your purchase of our water water is life, a lot of people have a better life now.

Thank you so much!

water is life…

do you a world of good and you do good


Lions Club Monteceneri is the first mixed Club of Canton Ticino and was constituted on May 30th, 1998 in Mezzovico. Its territory goes from Manno to Monteceneri, including the area towards Camorino and Gambarogno.
LC Monteceneri is one of the 46’000 Lions Club in the world, which is a non-profit-making organisation operating in the public interest.

Lions meet both the necessities of their community and the humanitarian needs, under the motto: “we serve”. Lions’ members give their TIME, their WORK and their MONEY to help meet the growing challenges facing humanity without personal financial rewards. In the world, 1.4 million men and women believe in solidarity and cooperation: working together means achieving bigger goals.

LC Monteceneri is proud to introduce you its two main and ongoing activities:


water is life is a project born by a concrete need.
During a Lions event, in the middle of a hot summer with a temperature of 30° C, it became clear the important need of drinking water.

As tradition, many Lions Club produce wine with their own label, whose proceeds are donated to charity projects. On the other hand, with a temperature of 30°C, people prefer water to wine!

That is, in this situation Peter Moroni, member of the Lions Club Monteceneri, said: “But we have a very good water in our land! Why don’t we sell water instead of wine?”. In this way, our project water is life was born.

Lions Club Monteceneri, in collaboration with Tamaro Drinks SA of Sigirino, bottles the water that flows from a pure spring at the foot of Mount Tamaro. All revenues (less fixed costs for the production and bottling of water by Tamaro Drinks SA), are given for charity.

water is life…

for a very thirsty Lion


Project manager: Thomas Manlio Levi progetti@waterislife.ch
Administrative manager: Anita Fischer ordinazioni@waterislife.ch
Relationship manager: Augusto Delmenico commerciale@waterislife.ch

water is life
Lions Club Monteceneri
c/o Pilato Tiziana, Via Collina 32, 6962 Viganello



water is life…

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    63 packs of 24 x 0,5 Litre bottles of still water Unit price907.20 Amount0
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    We can provide mixed pallets of sparkling and natural water on request and at unchanged cost: contact us for further information.